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About us

Van Leeuwen Techniek develops and builds machines to improve processes in the food industry, production and packaging industry. For more than 20 years we have been improving production logistics at companies with customized machine construction. Every day we design new customer-oriented solutions with smart systems.

We serve customers at home and abroad with the food industry as a specialism. Our signature high hygiene standard ensures safety and faster processing times. You can call on Van Leeuwen Techniek for design, production, installation and maintenance.

Our method in 5 steps

Quality comes first, even during the advisory phase. In order to ensure that production logistics in your company run as efficiently as possible, we make an inventory of your wishes. What do you want to improve in the production process? Where are the opportunities?

We translate your wishes and our well thought-out solutions for your production process into a tailor-made offer.

Here you will find exactly what you can expect from us, namely clear information about the machines and everything you need to know about the installation.

Time for the design phase, in which our engineers get to work. We present the design to you in a 3D model. Together with the design drawings, the model gives you an idea of ​​the intended end result.

Our engineers outline the possibilities, capacity and other characteristics in a clear presentation. The design is not complete until you are more than 100 percent satisfied.

Are you as excited about the design as we are? Then the realization of your machines will start. From just a simple conveyor belt to a complete process with laundry, stackers and packing system: a lot is possible.

After extensive testing, the machines are ready for installation. If you opt for this, the Van Leeuwen Techniek team will take care of the entire installation for you.

In this way we offer complete solutions for your production process in the food industry, production and packaging industry. Get to know Van Leeuwen Technology.

Van Leeuwen Techniek - About Us - Hygiene and ease of use

Hygiene and ease of use

The engineers at Van Leeuwen Techniek ensure an optimal course of your internal logistics process. The well thought-out solutions are specially tailored to the situation in your business premises. Our machines, such as conveyors and stackers, have a long service life.

Because we mainly work for the food industry, our machines meet the highest hygiene standard and therefore the HACCP standard. All our product solutions are easy and quick to clean. This benefits food safety and saves you time and money.



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Van Leeuwen Techniek has been a household name as a machine builder and technical service provider for more than 20 years. Founder and owner Bertus van Leeuwen started the company in 2000 in Garderen.

The company quickly grew thanks to his knowledge and expertise in the technical field and the activities were first moved to Stroe and later, in 2014, to Barneveld. The successful team is mainly specialized in the development of technical solutions in the food sector.

Van Leeuwen Techniek has the solution for all your logistical challenges. More and more companies in and outside the Netherlands are benefiting from the experience of the complete machine builder.


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Team Van Leeuwen Techniek

As a technical producer, we have everything in-house. From engineers and work planners to welders and mechanics. By making our products in-house, we guarantee quality.

Van Leeuwen Techniek has a lot of experience in producing high-quality products with a high hygiene standard in combination with practical applicability. The ideal combination in the food sector. But our expertise has also been demanded more and more outside the food sector in recent years. Van Leeuwen Techniek serves customers in a growing number of sectors.

Van Leeuwen Techniek - About Us - Team


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