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Van Leeuwen Techniek

From Barneveld, Van Leeuwen Techniek works both locally and internationally on intralogistics systems, custom mechanical engineering, piping and industrial design.

We do this for renowned manufacturers in the food industry, especially in poultry, fish and meat. Innovative solutions, sustainability and hygiene are very important to our customers and to us.



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2 Sisters Storteboom

Has been working with Van Leeuwen Techniek for more than 20 years

2 Sisters Storteboom has more than 100 years of experience with chicken products, fresh and frozen. Every day, about 2,500 people are working with great dedication in six Dutch and one Polish locations.

Together with the suppliers and customers, 2 Sisters Storteboom develop promising ideas into successful concepts and the company responds quickly to market developments. With the help of high-quality production processes, innovative product developments and customized logistics services, 2 Sisters Storteboom is building a future-proof company.

Hans van de Brink of 2 Sisters Storteboom has been working with Van Leeuwen Techniek for 20 years, including for conveyor belts in various shapes and sizes for all Storteboom locations. “For example, we recently went to Poland together to modernize the transport lines by adapting the chains and pipes,” says Van de Brink.

“The working method of Van Leeuwen Techniek is very pleasant. In particular, the communication, the active thinking along and the cooperation with the technicians is excellent. Van Leeuwen Techniek has a permanent team and that benefits the quality.”

The engineers visit the factory to see for themselves how and where a conveyor belt is needed and to map out the production flow.


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“They get to work based on that information and our wishes. The drawing always looks neat and clear. After approval of the quotation, we soon have a new conveyor belt available. The conveyor belts always comply with hygiene regulations, which is very important in our industry. Van Leeuwen Techniek has even developed its own system that can be expanded if necessary for a particular production process.”

Van Leewentechniek - Customer - Unikon

“The collaboration with Van Leeuwen is going well. They supply high-quality machines that meet all safety and hygiene requirements. Our customers are just as satisfied with Van Leeuwen Techniek’s products as we are.”

Marco van de Brink, Unikon


Order from Van Leeuwen Techniek for high-quality machines that meet all safety and hygiene requirements

Unikon produces washing machines and dryers for industrial applications worldwide. The washing machines are mainly intended for meat processing, butchers and bakeries, where hygiene is of the utmost importance. If demand is too great, Unikon will outsource parts of the mechanical engineering to Van Leeuwen Techniek.


IMD calls Van Leeuwen for piping, specialist measuring work and measuring wells

IMD in Apeldoorn improves water management on behalf of companies, water boards and municipalities. Optimizing and making processes sustainable is the mission of the more than 30-strong team of environmentally conscious, passionate experts.

“We use knowledge and measurements to help organizations so that they can demonstrably improve their business operations. In this way, raw materials, energy and water are optimally used,” says Niels Kok, technical coordinator at IMD.

IMD calls in Van Leeuwen Techniek in particular for piping, specialist measuring work and measuring wells. The collaboration between the two companies is fast and smooth: IMD provides a design, after which Van Leeuwen Techniek gets to work with a construction drawing and production. After having worked for years at Van Leeuwen Techniek, Niels now experiences the process from the other side.

Van Leewentechniek - Customer - IMD Monitoring

“Van Leeuwen Techniek is a flexible club. They are very customer-oriented and think along to come to the best solutions.”

Niels Kok, IMD


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