Piping for biological fuel

Van Leeuwen Techniek

Our client Opure BV advises in the field of environmental technology. In addition, the company facilitates the supply of granular sludge for anaerobic treatment and produces nutrient mixtures and carbon sources for wastewater and air purification. Opure provides all-round advice on the entire field of biological purification methods.

Custom pipes under tanker


For Opure, Van Leeuwen Techniek designed and built the pipework under a tank truck that transports the granular sludge. The piping consists of various pumps, valves, filters and various other components. Bertus van Leeuwen talks about the project: “This was a very specific custom order. We have worked closely with the client to jointly devise the entire process and the required system. We translated the wishes into a 3D drawing. The many valves required made this a very specialized design. In addition to the drawing work, the execution, the welding, was also very intensive. There are 400 welding hours in this assignment!”

The tanker, the third for which Van Leeuwen Techniek has carried out a similar project, is now on its way to Italy. But the car can also be spotted in other countries in Europe.


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Van Leeuwen Techniek also supplies custom machine construction.