Custom project at an insect farm

Van Leeuwen Techniek

An insect breeder already used a conveyor belt and drum sieves for the breeding process. With the help of Van Leeuwen Techniek, the process has been expanded with inventive machines and durable conveyor belts. This has resulted in a streamlined process in which, in addition to reliability, maximum ease of use also plays a leading role. But which machines are part of the process?

Harvest belt and drum screens


The insects enter through a harvesting belt, which is unloaded. A second harvesting belt has now been installed by Van Leeuwen Techniek. The insects are then transported via conveyor belts to two different drum screens inside the hall. The drum screens filter the dirt from the load.


Weighing and dosing


The next step in the process is weighing and dosing the insects. This is done with a weighing dosing system. The insects are transported from the drum screens to the hopper via a conveyor belt. Here the insects are distributed over crates. The desired weight per crate is set via a display.

Crate destacker and curve track


The crates needed under the hopper are meanwhile destacked by a crate destacker. Stacks of crates are fed to the destacker via a buffer belt, which then carries them out one by one. They are placed under the hopper by a curved belt. The crates are filled with the desired amount of insects. By creating a buffer with crates, human effort is kept to a minimum.


Sawdust spreader and crate stacker


The sawdust spreader continues to fill the crates that are transported underneath. The last step in the process is the crate stacker, which stacks the filled crates to the desired height. The stacks of full crates are then placed on a buffer track. From there, they are pulled onto pallets, before entering the refrigeration.


Design, build and installation


All machines and conveyors are built in the Van Leeuwen Techniek production hall. Custom machinery was chosen because the conveyor belts had to fit perfectly with the existing machines and because of the specific wishes for the required functions. In addition to the construction, the installation was also provided by the experts at Van Leeuwen Techniek, which guarantees a perfect connection. Furthermore, electricity and air installation are part of our expertise. By keeping the entire installation in-house, Van Leeuwen Techniek guarantees quality.



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