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From the centrally located Barneveld, Van Leeuwen Techniek is active in the Netherlands and abroad in production logistics, custom machine construction, piping and industrial design.

We do this for renowned manufacturers in the food industry. Read current messages about our innovative solutions, hygiene and sustainability on this page.



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New in the range:

hygienically lockable computer cabinet
Our range has been expanded with the stainless steel computer case. The hygienic design and solid quality make this cabinet very suitable for use in your production environment.

The cabinet is equipped with a pull-out drawer and can be supplied with a suitable lectern. Available with rubber or FDA-approved nylon seal. Available standard sizes: 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm.

In addition, we can also produce the cabinet with the dimensions you require.

Hygienic energy column

The energy column of Van Leeuwen Techniek
The Van Leeuwen Techniek energy column is the ideal hygienic housing solution for connections of electricity, air and liquids.

The column can be flexibly mounted above or close to the workplace. No more roaming sockets and unnecessary long cords and hoses. Very safe and reliable. The column is designed in such a way that it perfectly meets the hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry.

This energy column has now been renewed. For example, the connection terminals are even easier to reach and the cover is provided with a blue food gasket. The attachment of the energy column has become flexible through the use of a coupling.

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